Minister of information’ and Edo state
government, Adams Oshiomole says the current
alleged financial crime trial of the former
Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison-Madueke is
just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come.
According to him, massive financial crimes was
perpetrated in the last administration and he says
he is excited at what is currently happening to
“For me I don’t think anybody should be
surprised because the most favorable
commentator on the Nigerian condition, on
the economy, the polity and society, agree
that our economy was badly managed over
the past several years. I have not seen one
commentator that disagrees. Even when they
talk about rebasing and so what.
Have you rebased the level of poverty? Have
you rebased prosperity? Have you rebased
unemployment? Have you rebased
homelessness? Have you rebased hunger? So
I have not seen anyone that says Nigerian
people are doing better. This was never my
issue. I was only a spokesman of National
Economic Council. But in this country when
you speak out, all the arrows should be
fashioned to attack you. But one of the things
I learnt in life at the age of 17 when I got into
the leadership of labour, is that the truth
does not require supporters club. It can stand
on its feet anyday. You can hit it. You can kick
it. You can bomb it, but you can’t destroy it.
The truth is that a lot of money was stolen
and what you are seeing is just a tip of the
iceberg, because when you imagine what
accrues to Nigeria, consistently from 140
dollars, averaging 108 dollars over a long
period of time and yet your treasury is empty.
You were running a budget deficit, you were
devoting 85 percent of your budget for four
consecutive years on recurrent, you were
borrowing and you draw the entire pensions
fund. Yesterday I saw a lot of analysis on how
pension funds should be invested on
infrastructure.”he said Oshiomole went
further to react to claims tht the presidency
had a hand in her arrest. “It’s not about who
has hand in what. I think it’s about law and
order. In other climes, institutions do their
work. They are not at the beck and call of
political authority. They have their mandate
and the law specifies this and it is
scrupulously followed. I’m the happiest
person because I’ve been in government for
seven years without being in power. I was in
government, I couldn’t call a commissioner of
police and talk as a security officer, I’m
haunted by all manners of persons. You kill
the snake in Edo, they will put the snake on
life support in Abuja and they keep harassing
us. Now all those venoms are dead and
buried, for the first time I’m excited and
happy not just for personal benefit, but for
the changes I’m beginning to see.”he said

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