Our comedians love to joke about virtually everything, and we’ve seen a number of comedians take on Pastors and Politicians at different occassions during their performance.
While doing his art, Comedian Julius Agwuthrew jabs at Nigerian Pastors that tired to convince Nigerians to vote for former president Goodluck Jonathan in the past election.
Speaking to the guests at the red summit gala which held at the Harbor point, off Ahmadu Bello way, Victoria Island Lagos last night, he had this to say.
“I know how many Nigerian Pastors are paid to pray for GEJ to make sure he came back as president, but their prayers were not answered.”
“Moreover, why was it mostly witches association that were endorsing him? the so-called assocation of withes and wizards kept saying orishiriishi, claiming that GEJ is their man and that he will be the president but God pass them”he added.
He furthermore said:
“Please help tell president Buhari not to joke with this God that got him to the throne. As a matter of fact, we need to discard the first verse of the National anthem and stick with just the second stanza. We have been singing ‘Arise o compatriots’ for many years now but the compatriots are not arising biko…let us stick with stanza two ‘O God of creation, direct our noble cuase’…let us be lik the Americans whose theme reads ‘In God we trust’. That theme is really working for them despite all the bad things they do”

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