The comedian who started by
appreciating all the soldiers who
are working for the good of
Nigeria, ended by coming hard
on those who are working
against the good of Nigeria. He

“God will bless all who put their
lives on the line for us. Their
families will know no sorrow.
The grieving ones will be
consoled. Their utmost desires in
life will be fulfilled. Their children
shall reap the rewards of their
fathers’ and mothers’ sacrifices.
We all join or voices to pray for
their protection, provision and
success at all battle fronts. Their
pensions will not be stolen.
Anyone who had had a hand in
putting them in front of the
enemies without adequate
weapons and logistics will not
know what diseases plague
them. Those who kill our soldiers
because of their selfish reasons
will meet their fates in our
soldiers hands. Above all, God
will bless everyone doing their
best to make Nigeria great again.
And anyone doing otherwise
and causing us to slip into broke
zone, be number 59 on FIFA
ranking, can’t pay salaries, dollar
rate 240 something, use
burglary proof in our houses,
use bullet proof cars, pay more
for what we should actual pay
less for, drive through dark
streets, won’t fix roads and as
such cause deaths on our roads,
causing people to spend their
hard earned savings on medical
trips to India and elsewhere,
can’t pay small salaries of
teachers, but can pay huge
salaries of legislators and
militants, responsible for the sea
of unemployed youths flowing
through life aimlessly… Whoever
you are, you no go die better!!!!
Yes go call police!”.

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