Nollywood movie producer, Charles Noviahas joined the band wagon that condemned Cynthia Morgan’s baby mama cover. He stated that Caroline Danjumamerely reacted as a mother who understands how a kid should be trained.

Charles made this website declaration on his website in a post headlined ”…OF CYNTHIA, CAROLINE,LINDA AND BANANAS’ BY CHARLES NOVIA”.He also took jabs at Skiibii over his “death” publicity stunt.
Read what he said below…
“ Cynthia Morganstunt with the baby is to me; very distasteful and lacking in decorum. Caroline did have a point though when she reacted that a vibrant child welfare agency in Nigeria should sanction Cynthia over that posture. And Caroline reacted as a mother should; any sane mother who has given birth to kids and who love kids would react that way. It is a milk of natural pain which flows in that reaction; not the milk of a suspicious doped-up riposte which Cynthia gave. You see what I mean when I say these artistes sometimes suck us into their nefarious whims? Because Ccaroline reacted, an uncouth Cynthia immediately found what she was looking for; an avenue to trend and a leeway to lamely explain the obtuse concept behind her smoking a ‘photoshopped’ cigar whilst holding a cigar. Of all the stupid excuses I have heard in this industry over stunts, this one comes second; after Skiibii’s ”
‘Rubbish! She actually has drawn more attention to puerility of her intellect and art than to any child. Pictures speak a thousand words or more and that picture was horrible, distasteful , improper, rascally, insensitive and the height of a woman’s apathy for the future of a child. That child will grow up in future seeing that cigar as a symbol of his or her existence. It is psychological. That picture alone could make that kid a chain smoker in future; could make many lost youths who call themselves fans of Cynthia delve deeper into the negatives of smoking habits. Cynthia says she does not smoke nor drink alcohol? If she doesn’t smoke, why even hold a cigar to give that impression that you do? And with a child too! That’s not arty; that’s a bit over the bend. That young lady should not be ascribed as anyone’s role model by this act. Oh, I am angry just thinking of that picture and that kid”

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