After President Muhammadu
Buhari said last Friday
that Nigeria is broke and he
might not be able to pay
ministers, some minister-
designates have said they are
ready to work for free.

Adebayo Shittu and Professor
Isaac Adewole were among
those who announced this. The
ministers, who along with their
colleagues are expected to be
sworn in and given portfolios
any moment from now,
described their appointment as a
call to service.

Shittu, representing Oyo State at
the yet-to-be-constituted Federal
Executive Council, said he was
ready to give his services for free
to Nigeria if that was what the
situation demanded.

According to Shittu, who is also a
legal practitioner and human
rights activist, what matters is
the intention to serve and not
the financial benefits.

“It is an issue of national service.
There is nothing too much to
sacrifice. If that is what our
situation in Nigeria demands,
then we must put ourselves up
selflessly. We cannot say because
of selfishness, we cannot work
selflessly,” he said.

“With my background as
somebody from a very humble
family, I know what poverty is
and I have been experiencing it. I
have been dogged in conforming
to the dictates of politics and
poverty. There is nothing too
much to sacrifice for the service
of our people,” he added.
Adewole, a former Vice
Chancellor of the University of
Ibadan, in a statement sighed
by his media aide Sunday Saanu,
said he was ready to serve the
nation without pay.

Saanu who is to represent Osun
state said: “It is a great honour
to serve one’s fatherland and I
can tell you Prof. Adewole is
ready to serve Nigeria without
collecting salaries. Everything is
not about money. It is a privilege
and a great honour to serve. This
is what he was doing at his
former school. He was paying
some teachers employed to
complement government’s

“He is not driven by money but
passion to make positive impact
in the nation in whatever

The former governor of Rivers
state, Rotimi Amaechi, also said
he did not accept to be a
minister for personal and
pecuniary gains.

According to Amaechi’s former
aide, Ibim Semenitari, he is
interested in the development of
Nigeria. “If he (President Buhari)
has not said that he would not
pay ministers, the question of
whether he (Amaechi) will work
for free should not be necessary.

We know that we are currently
dealing with hard times. For us
as a country, we will manage our
cost,” Ibim Semenitari said.

“He (Amaechi) has never run for
anything because he is looking
for money. His interest is in the
development of Nigeria,” the
former aide added.

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