Yesterday, popular comedian and his beatiful daughter celebrated their birthdays and his wife, Kris is without an iota of doubt, as excited as can be.
Besides showering the sweetest words on both her daughter and her husband, (her king and princess) who had their birthdayyesterday, she got them this beautiful joint cake with courtesy of dainty affairs.
She also had this to say to her husband who turned 36. She wrote:

A very happy birthdayto this sweet heart @officialbovi who has chosen to love me unconditionally, my hero, my joy, my pride, my blessing, my mentor, my entertainer, my gossip partner, my lover, my best friend, a selfless man, the only person who knows my deepest secrets !! I could go on and on about you the whole day …. You are a true definition of a “Sweet Heart” !! Words really can’t describe how kind your heart really is. Love you forever my love”

By Lekky

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