I was Born to Do Music – Young Afro Pop Singer Haaj Silver

I was Born to Do Music – Young Afro Pop Singer Haaj Silver

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20-year old Nigerian musician, Haaj_Silver is bracing up to carve a niche for himself in the Nigerian music industry regardless of the competition ahead.


Ajani Hassan Babatunde, he is popularly called Haaj- Silver. He is one of the up and coming artistes focused on Afro Pop Music and thrives only in his ability to make people happy through his style of music.
Hassan, an undergraduate of Bowen University, in this chat with Musiq and Flicks speaks about his early discovery of his musical talents and how he develops his style of music. The promising music act is set to release two amazing songs titled ‘Juru and Pretty Love’ on the 8th of October, 2017 and according to his management, the impact would be felt massively in Lagos which is the epicentre of entertainment in Nigeria.
Let our esteem readers meet you and brief them about your background?
My name is Ajani Hassan Babatunde and my stage name is Haaj_Silver, I attended George and Duke Nursery and Primary School and Oritamefa Baptist Model School both in Ibadan for my primary and secondary school education. I am presently running my undergraduate programme at the Bowen University, Iwo in the State of Osun.
As an up and coming artist, which kind of music are you into?
The type of music I am into is Afro Pop. I can do Hip Pop music, I can sing Afro Music, but I am specialized in Afro Hip-Pop. When you check on the meaning of Afro Hip-Hop music, you will realize it is the combination of Hip Pop and Afro Music.
Why did you venture into music and from where did you inherit it?
My journey into music I can say was as a result of the love I have for it. And also I want to say I did not inherit music from any of my family members, because no member of my family is into music. What I say about my journey into music is that, it was destined. This is because if you look into the Arabic meaning of my name (Hassan) you will understand what I am saying. The meaning is of Hassan itself is music. So, I you ask me why I am into music than I will say I am born into music.
Who are the people in the music industry that you are looking up to?
Well, everybody has one or two people he is looking up to as role model or as mentor, so in my own case, I can say I am looking up to Wizkid in Nigeria. At international scene, the artist I am looking up to is Tory Lanes; this is because I love his style of music and lyrics.
How many tracks you have produced and which one are you working on?
I have not release any track, but Presently, I am working on two promo tracks, which are titled ‘Juru’ and Pretty Love. The hint one will soon hit the town for fans out there for the full time enjoyment.
How do you intend to manage your education with your music career?
I started my music career in the year 2015 and I have been able to manage it my education. With the help from God Almighty and assistance from my manager I am trying to maintain balance between the two of my education and musical career.
What are your sources of inspiration?
See brother, the whole inspiration is from God Almighty, but what inspired me most is that I make use of things going on around me. Once I hear the beat, the inspiration will surely come. I don’t smoke and as well don’t drink. It is God that always ‘gingers my swagger’ any time I am on stage. I am a kind of artist that always focuses on what I do in order to surpass those that I am looking up to.
What is your dream?
My dream is to be known throughout Nigeria and beyond. I want to become a super star and become a successful person in life.
Will you dump music if you are offered a multi-million naira job by Dangote or any multinational company in Nigeria after graduation?
Yeah, well, you know what sir, before I complete my education at Bowen University I am very sure that I am going to make my money, so, I won’t be attracted by their wealth.
Do you think Nigerian music industry is improving?
Yes, very well, Nigerian music industry is the best in Africa, because if you look at how artistes like Wizkid, Olamide, Davido, and many other artistes are doing and the way they are being recognized in the country and beyond you will see that our industry is improving. Fans outside the country also are looking up to them, they believe in them and prefer them to come on stage to perform for them any time.
What do think will make your style of music different from other artistes?
I think my style will be different from others because I am a type of artist, who combine rap with a good lyric. I don’t just sing, most of the artistes can’t rap and those that can rap can not make a good lyric, but I am an artist who can rap very well, if am given a rap beat and I make a good lyrics, that I think will makes me different from others. God gives me talent to do many things as far as music is concern.
 Who do you want to make a shout out to?
I want to thank my parents for their support because without them I will not be able to do any thing in music; they gave enough chance to display my talent given to me by God Almighty. I want to thank my manager also, he has been there for me, my friends at Bowen University and also to my fans, you are all great.


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