It looks like the cold war between Davidoand Wizkidhas resumed in the past few weeks judging by the weird social media tantrums between the two.
Davidohas pushed back his album more than 10 times within a year and failed to deliver. Entertainment commentators say the reason Davidocontinues pushing back is because he doesn’t want to release an album during a Wizkid-season. He’s however blessed fans with 2 songs in two months, Dodo and The Money. Shortly after the release of The Money, Wizkidreleased a single Baba Nla (Final) which didn’t go well with Davido. Naturally, the two of them don’t release songs around the same time.
A day after Baba Nla dropped, Davidoclaimed he was robbed in South Africa with no evidence to prove. He didn’t lose his watch, his HKN chain, there was no proof of robbery even in South African media, he claimed his manager was robbed off a $50,000(???) wristwatch… Now most people think Davidofalsified the robbery event to take attention back from Wizkidfollowing his new release.
Today they exchanged subliminal on Twitter only few will understand. See their tweets below and note the timing

At 12:13pm, Wizkidtweeted this

Davido, 2 minutes later

Wizkid, 15 minutes after, subs Davidofor pree-ing on his timeline

Davido moved on to avoid drama.

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