The Catalan club have been
punished for the second time
in less than six months for the
Esteladas carried by their fans
at Champions League matches
Barcelona vice-president Jordi
Mestre says the club will fight
the €40,000 fine handed to
them by Uefa for the Estelada
flags flown by their fans in the
recent Champions League
game at Camp Nou against
Bayer Leverkusen.

The flags, which support the
independence movement in
Catalonia but are not deemed
official or appropriate by Uefa,
were also on display at last
season’s Champions League
final in Berlin.

Uefa fined Barca €30,000 on
that occasion, prompting talks
between the La Liga
champions and European
football’s governing body.

However, after Monday’s
events, Mestre has admitted
those talks have not been

“They’ve not gone down well
because we have been given a
€40,000 fine for the
independence chants and the
Esteladas,” the 53-year-old
said upon his arrival in Minsk
ahead of Wednesday’s
Champions League game with
BATE Borisov.

“We started a diplomatic
process which has not
worked and we don’t like it.
We had some conversations
that have not provided results.

“First we will speak with UEFA
and we will go to the CAS
[Court of Arbitration for
Sport]; if necessary we will go
to the ordinary court in
Switzerland and maybe even
the court in Strasbourg.”

Despite being upset with
Uefa’s decision, Mestre insists
Barcelona are not looking for
a fight with the organisation.

“It is not a war, we only want
to defend the interests of the
club and we will never limit
what our fans say, who have
always been an example,” he

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