Babatunde Omidina, known as Baba Suwe, is a successful comedian better known for his exploits in Yoruba home videos. He is still arguably the most popular Yoruba comedian of his time. But Baba Suwe hasn’t been having it easy.

After the much publicised crisis with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,NDLEA, he lost his wife, Omoladun, who was almost always his soul-mate, even in films. Baba Suwe talked with Potpourri, opening up his heart on his late wife and the prospect of finding another wife.

Obviously still in grief over the loss of his wife even as many years have gone by, Adimeru, as he calls himself, would not let go the memory of his dear Omoladun

“It has not been easy but life must go on. I believe whatever happens has been pre-ordained. The death of Omoladun was a great loss I cannot get over in this lifetime. She will remain my best companion. She understood me than any other person on planet earth. At times when we quarrelled in the house, she would abuse me on set and that would mark the end of the issue” he said with a heavy heart.

Though he admitted he would marry again but said it would never be another actress

“Yes, I am getting married pretty soon. You can’t know her for now. She is not an actress because I can’t marry an actress again”

Why? Was there something he regretted about Omoladun being an actress?

“No, I don’t mean anything of such. What I mean is that I cannot get someone like Omoladun among the actresses again. Her good acting skills is one of the reasons I loved her but I have decided to check elsewhere for love” he explained.

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