Multiple-award-winning movie
star, producer, business lady and
Ambassador Halima Abubakar is
just one favoured actress, who
despite her many controversies
still finds a family that still
admires her courage.

Recently, an unknown mother
had made the actress the
Godmother of her new born son
and had to send some Sallah gift
items to her home.

Halima who is still happy about
the award she won recently also
added that she was surprised
that all her gifts had to come
while she was in the hospital but
grateful to God for everything.

“Sometimes I get speechless
saying thank you, to strangers
who are kind to me. Example the
mother of this beautiful baby
reached out to me, to be her
sons God mother and made all
this as a gift.
Today was his 7 days ceremony.
Total stranger. Am sharing this to
show you that, regardless of
what you going through, you are
a warrior to someone. will make
sure I meet this beautiful soul
and hug him big. Am just happy I
officially have 8 God babies.
Blessings, Mubarak,” she stated.

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