Getting disvirgined should be handled as a big deal. You really don’t want to face regret a few hours, days or years after losing it, which is why it’s best you wait until you are totally ready.

One thing to know is that, having sex will never change you as a person and several others things about your relationship status will never change after you lose your virginity.

Holly Riordan of All Women Stalklists a few things that never changes about you after having sex for the first time:

Your body:If you haven’t already broken your hymen by playing sports, then your “cherry is going to pop” when you have sex for the first #time. However, other than that, your #body isn’t going to change at all. Your vagina acts like a rubber band, so it isn’t going to become loose after you have sex. Your body will #look the same as it always did, so there’s no reason to be afraid of “ruining” it.

Your relationship status:You should never sleep with someone in the hopes that they’ll end up dating you after the fact. Unfortunately, some #men are only interested in sex. While sleeping with a guy could potentially change your #relationship, it probably won’t. So don’t assume that he’ll suddenly love you if you take your clothes off for him. If he doesn’t like you before you sleep together, he won’t like you after you sleep together.

Your value:You might’ve been taught that pure women are more valuable than sexually active #women. However, losing your virginity doesn’t make you more or less attractive, and it certainly doesn’t make you more or less valuable. You’re still the same person, so your value hasn’t gone up or down.

The way others view you:You’re not going to be shunned by society after having sex. You’re not going to become the most popular kid in school after having sex, either. After all, no one will even know that you’re sexually active unless you or your #partner tells them. That means you’ll be viewed the same way as you always were.

Your feelings:After you have sex with someone, your feelings for them probably won’t change. If anything, they’ll end up becoming more intense. So if you want to sleep with a #guy in order to get over him, it’s not a great idea. If you liked him before you had sex, you’ll only end up liking him even more after you have sex.

Your morals:As long as you’re completely ready (and old enough) to deal with the repercussions of having sex, you shouldn’t feel bad about losing your virginity. Being sexually active doesn’t mean that you’re immoral. Stealing, cheating, and using drugs are all worse crimes. If having mature, protected sex is the worst thing that you’re doing, you can give yourself a pat on the back.

Your personality:Having sex might boost your confidence, but it’s not going to change you into an entirely different person. You’re still you. So don’t expect your life to change after sleeping with someone. For the most part, #things will stay exactly the same as they always were.

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