Its a pity how many applicants of tertiary institutions get turned down every year, more painful for those applying the second or third time, but most times things are not as they appearfor those that believe that every disappointment is a blessing.

No one prays for failure but it look so funny when some of us get to wakeup to the reality that the admission we seek has slip-off our hands.
But life is not always about how many times we fall, but how we stand back after a fall.
Not wasting our precious time here are 5 things to do when you loose admission into a tertiary institution as a student;

1. Evaluate your steps: Most failure is a result of one wrong step or the other. Some students loose admission because they choose the wrong subject combination during UTME registration, some others
didn’t prepare well for their postume because they did so well in jamb. You need to reevaluate your steps in order to prevent any of such mistakes in the next exam. You may even consider taking a pre-degree form having considered some factors(like you don’t
want to stay at home that year), considering your steps will help you prepare for your pre-degree entrance exams

2. Make another plan: Having properly evaluated your steps, you need to make another plan. for some of us it may be getting a home tutor for some subjects that we notice lapses, for others it maybe considering another choice university or course and so on.

3. Start early: Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.” – Charles Dickens
You need to start preparing today. Many students fail because they intend to brush up in their area of weakness by attending a tutorial centre, but by procrastination they don’t seem to start the tutorial
until February when they expect the instructors to perform magic.
Many don’t study until countdown etc

4. Improve your skills: Improving some skills like listening, reading, communication, research and so on. Ability to make research can help you get an idea of how various schools rate their courses and how to prepare for their assessments

5. Learn a vocation: Most times I recommend doing this in line with your proposed course choice e.g learning as an apprentice in pharmaceutical shop while you prepare to study pharmacy. I know
of someone very close to me who spent two years to get O”level result and another two years to gain admission in his choice course.
After gaining admission what seem strange or tough to others is what he has mastered. His HOD even had to take him as an IT student and staffed him later on in his own company. The difference was that the vocation he learnt gave him an edge and today while some of his mates who graduated say 3years earlier than him are Still struggling for work. He is quite stable.

You don’t have to give up when you fall or fail but re-strategize and take another shot and I can bet THIS TIME YOU WILL SUCCEED

By Lekky

A Cool Headed Element!, Snapchat: Lekky_ngwide

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