We live in a society where peer pressure rules and everyone tries to copy what their mates are doing, could be positive or negative.
Guys are often pressured to accept some norms so they could be seen as being ‘manly’, some of these conditions could in turn affect their relationships especially the romantic ones.

According to Your Tango, here are 5 annoying habits that can damage your relationship:

1. Acting like a player: Some guys think “being a man” means chasing everything in skirt and treating women like trash. They don’t want to feel tied down to one woman and will do anything to be called players. It takes a better man to be faithful and committed.

2. Denies his emotional needs: Humans are filled with emotions but the ‘manly card’ makes him deny his true feelings. He has a long list of failed relationships because he fears losing friends who know him as a heart breaker when inwardly he feels empty.

3. Abuses femininity: These guys feel they have to insult femininity to bond better with other males. Words like ‘bitch’ and ‘You’re being a woman/girl’ are used a lot by them to hide their true feelings for the one they love.

4. He uses aggressiveness as a front: These guys feel they have to dominate their women by being aggressive. They constantly want approval and acceptance from other guys who’ll see them as being hard hearted and ruthless.

5. Acts very inauthentic: We have guys out there seeking approval from their mates when they aren’t in touch with who they really are. These type of guys surround themselves with fake people, live inauthentic lives and have no sense of identity

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