Men, according to the society are known to be unemotional and may tend to bottle up all they feel inside. Their inability to share their their true feelings with a significant other maybe the same reason they don’t want to feel worse than they already are.
Women in turn may make things harder for the man when he tries to open up. Men want to get response from a buddy who would give them validation for their actions rather than a wife offering words of encouragement.
According to Blogher, here are four things wives should stop doing if they want their husbands to open up more to them:

1. Instead of racking your brain for solutions, stop and pay attention to him. Make him know you care by listening to him.

2. Instead of analysing what he’s really feeling, make him feel better by giving a name to his feelings, words like‘Wow, that’s terrible’should be said rather than‘I think you should’.Trust his judgement always.

3. Don’t proffer solutions unless he asks you. Ask first what immediate thing you can do to help his situation.

4. Don’t brush off his concerns or problems as irrelevant, they clearly are to him or else he wouldn’t be saying so. People see sex as a factor for relief, initiate if you both feel it’ll make him feel better afterwards.

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